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Cantieri Arno - Leopard 27 Open: black and diabolically perfect ...

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the peculiar characteristic of the Mangusta is that in a world where boats are always taller and more bombed, like motorhomes on the water, they remain anchored to their philosophy and design sportyachts always beautiful and slender, low on the water, in a word: marine

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Faced with these classic lines, I am always amazed: how much class and elegance in a yacht !

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And then ... there are boats that celebrate beauty at sea!

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observing the clean lines and the constructive and design quality still perceptible today, it can be noted that in the case of SanLorenzo perfection is a goal pursued for years ...

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Flush glass, mirrored and increasingly extended surfaces, monocoque buildings, even the colors now let us understand: now design and automotive technology are increasingly present in the boating.

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a masterpiece by Dubois, this time for Alloy Yachts

Riva, Baglietto, Magnum Marine, Cantieri di Pisa: 4 unsurpassed examples of perfection (MYS 2018)

Being forced to wait two hours in Chiavari and Lavagna, for a lover of classic boats can be a wonderful experience!

in a world of tall boats like palaces and rich in windows like floating campers, there are still those who choose marine forms, sinuous and seductive. These are the boats I love, beyond any passing fashion or what the market of sailors who do not sail asks ...

first question: of the 3, which is the one that behaves better with rough seas?
second question: now what do you think of the current trend?
third question: now which one would you buy?

Cantiere Navale Chiavari: a piece of nautical design history, a beautiful story

Kauris II shows us how magnificent a teak deck can be

Il mio augurio di Natale per gli amici appassionati di barche: ritornare alle origini per riscoprire se stessi

My Christmas wish for friends who are passionate about boats: returning to their origins to rediscover themselves

(Ciao Gianni) Passeggi tra i moli del Porto Antico di Genova e all'improvviso ... trovi un tesoro!

(Ciao Gianni) Stroll through the quays of the Old Port of Genoa and suddenly ... find a treasure!

Questa barca un po' come i club inglesi: se non sai cos', inutile parlarne ...

This boat is a bit like English clubs: if you do not know what it is, it's useless to talk about it ...

come il gabbiano Jonathan Livingston, quella barca amava gli oceani, le distanze sconfinate, le correnti e le tempeste ...

like the seagull Jonathan Livingston, that boat loved the oceans, the boundless distances, the currents and the storms ...

amo questi purosangue del mare dove la funzione prevale sull'estetica e il risultato ... l'estetica perfetta.

I love these sea thoroughbreds where the function prevails on the aesthetics and the result ... it is the perfect aesthetic

incontri ravvicinati con la bellezza

close encounters with beauty

La grande bellezza - Cantiere Nautico Colombo Leopoldo

bella come la Nike, la Vittoria di Samotracia

beautiful like Nike, the Victory of Samothrace

bella da togliere il respiro, M/Y Emerald

beautiful to take your breath away, M / Y Emerald

La perfezione si rivela nelle cose apparentemente pi semplici. Cantiere Colombo Leopoldo

Perfection is revealed in apparently simpler things. Colombo Leopoldo shipyard

MY Emerald

MY Emerald by James A. Silver (1957)

Al VYRV la pi bella era lei: MY Sans Soucis di Abeking & Rasmussen

She was the most beautiful at VYRV: MY Sans Soucis by Abeking & Rasmussen

Al VYRV la pi bella era lei: MY Sans Soucis di Abeking & Rasmussen

She was the most beautiful at VYRV: MY Sans Soucis by Abeking & Rasmussen

La classe del MY Corbina (Caravelle - De Vries + Riva) al VYRV 2019

The class of MY Corbina (Caravelle - De Vries + Riva) at VYRV 2019

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